The Struggle is Teal

The last 6 years have been, to say the least, CHALLENGING for me, and with all of the recent events surrounding our country and world, it’s easy to get sucked into depression.  I try and stay positive, but it can be difficult.  I feel like most people I’m close with don’t really understand what I’m going through, which is why I make it a point to seek out positive influences through books, internet, and social media.  I put links to articles, quotes they’ve said, and bits of inspiration they have provided on a Trello board that I can access when I’m feeling down.  All of these people have no clue that they inspire me, but their wisdom gives me comfort when I feel utterly helpless and alone.

“When you think your life is bad, pretend it’s a comedy, not a tragedy”.   I recently read a quote like this on my twitter feed.  When I’m able to catch myself slipping into negativity (I’m slowly becoming more aware of this transition!!), I try to flip the situation from feeling like I want to punch someone, or crawl under a table and cry, to a comedic act, and it’s starting to work! Edit: Since I’ve written this several years ago, I’ve also become more aware of my shadow self and the value of this darkness. BUT when I’ve spent too much time in the darkness, comedy is my favorite way to feel better 🙂

Mental struggles are nothing to laugh at.  The pain, although not physical, is VERY real, and it has hurt me more than any physical injury ever has.  However, framing it in a comical sense (it’s hard to do this sometimes!!) has helped me stop feeling such intense sadness and actually smile, or even laugh through the tears.  I also focus on my favorite color… a beautiful and vibrant teal… and imagine it filling my soul with happiness and joy.

I’m finally starting to write about my feelings, because I’ve read others thoughts that reinforce the fact that just because no one I know personally understands what I’m going through, there are others like me.  People that are happy, enthusiastic, and LOVE life, but also feel extremely intense emotional pain.  You will never know we experience this by our surface.  We are bubbly, passionate, and do well expressing our gratitude and love of the world…  while on the inside we are suffering, only letting it out in private, to avoid feedback like “don’t think like that” or “you worry too much” or my favorite – “don’t cry.  There’s nothing to cry about, this is not a big deal”.

The struggle I live daily is a difficult one, it’s very real.  But I’m doing a better job of reframing it, and moving past it towards my best life.  Thoughts become things, and for me my thoughts are difficult at times to control.  Although thoughts can consume us, they are not real.  So from this point on, my struggle is TEAL 🙂

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