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Ripping off that Bandaid.

Ohhhh man, okay this has been a work in progress for quite some time, but I’ve realized it will always be that, and it’s okay. This is not for a client, or business, or prospect, or someone I am trying to impress. IT IS FOR ME! It is so I can express myself in an authentic way. It feels good to be able to be confident in that decision. I started this entry thinking I was going to verbalize my ‘plan’ for this lil corner of the interwebs…. but now typing I realize I don’t need to do that. I have a slight idea, but I think at this point I should let it unfold how it is meant to. The winds of change are hurricane force, and there’s no telling how current ideas and plans will evolve with the blowing breeze. Ooooh I’m excited 🙂 The truth is, I’ve been writing a LOT for the past 8 years. A lot of brain dumps and incoherent nonsense, but also some nuggets of wisdom. I plan on pulling some old writings out and back-dating them here.

I have let so much go this year. 2020 has kicked my (and the rest of the world’s, duh) ass, but has finally brought into my periphery the massive change that has already happen and will continue to take place. It is frightening, and liberating. The facades that I’ve been pushed against are finally giving way, and more is being revealed in every moment. Things that I have struggled with my entire life are finally healing, finally resolving, and shining more light into my deeper knowing – showing me where to go next.

So much truth is being exposed, and I am very familiar with the direct correlation between uncomfortability and growth. I’m finally at a space where I am allowing myself to feel the feels, and bring my expressions into form. I am not afraid to be afraid!

Now that I have seen the power that comes from examining ourselves – truly looking within and digging deep – I have a burning desire to share share share. But I also know I have a tendency for intensity, so trying to balance that a bit 🙂

So, starting off by sharing some of the tools and people that have helped bring me to this place seems like a good start 🙂 Thank you, dear reader, for your compassion and understanding that these words and thoughts and feelings have been hidden for some time and may not clearly articulate exactly what I’m experiencing. My hope is that they will still find a way to resonate with someone out there <3 <3 <3

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