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I read a LOT. Reading has definitely been the reason for a ton of my inner growth over the years. So many lightbulb moments that shifted the course of my life have happened simply by reading words on a page. Check out some of my favorites below.

The Highly Sensitive Person – by Elaine N. Aron, Ph.D.

I vividly remember sitting in my counselor’s office and him asking me , “Has anyone ever told you that you might be highly sensitive”?

I laughed out loud. Of course. I’ve been told that constantly my entire life, that I was too sensitive.

“No, like a ‘Highly Sensitive Person, or HSP. It’s a thing. You should look it up and tell me what you think next week”.

Y’ALL. So I’m sitting in my car googling about HSP and sobbing because finally I am reading words that describe me! Wow. Learning about this term TOTALLY flipped my perspective about my ‘sensitivity’ and reinforced what I KNEW deep down all along about it 🙂 Talk about validating!

If you have ever felt bad about being ‘too sensitive’… OMG please read this book 🙂 There are also several movies produced by Dr. Aron that are great as well!

Women Who Run With The Wolves- by Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D.

Ok – if you ever read one book in your life, let this be it. Well, perhaps it’s not for everyone, but I’m obsessed with it. Definitely not a light read – Dr. Estes retells ancient myths, and then spends pages upon pages picking each line, symbol, character, archetype apart in an incredibly fascinating analysis. Every time I re-read a story I discover a new piece of wisdom. If you thought these stories were straight-forward… think again.

I feel like when I read this book, it worked its way into my soul and illuminated perspectives of myself I didn’t know existed. Yah, I sound dramatic, but that’s how much I love this book! Probably took me three years to read it the first time, but now I enjoy picking it up and flipping to a story for quick insight… almost like an oracle deck 😀 I feel like this book will continue to guide me for the rest of my life, I hope!

The Seasonal Soul – A Mystics Guide to Inner Transformation, by Lauren Aletta

Ooooh, don’t even think about getting the kindle version of this book. The cover of this is some amazing magical rubberized paper that feels so. good. All of the illustrations and wisdom in this book really made me feel alive. I had been introduced to the concept of cycles within our lives a few years ago, and this book found me during the end of a cold winter.

It’s a beautiful cross between art + design, short essays and poems, exercises and mantras to ponder during every season. The activities are really creative and really got my heart and soul churning with discovery. I appreciated having tools to comfort and nurture myself during a time when I normally wouldn’t – and having the reinforcement that ‘winter’ was NEEEEEDED so desperately in my life!!

I can’t go on about how lovely the art is throughout the book. I bought a second copy so I could collage with it!! Lauren is also creator of the ‘Lumina’ Tarot deck that is absolutely gorgeous, so of course the book is so pretty too!

A few months ago, I had a ‘soul reading’ (almost 5 hours, wow!!) with Lauren that was incredibly insightful. It was so wonderful to connect with someone so full of positive energy like that. Would highly recommend her readings or books to anyone!

Untamed – by Glennon Doyle

Glennon Doyle is such an amazing an inspiring human. I first ‘read’ this book on audible, and hearing her read the words she wrote was SO POWERFUL. But I was frustrated I had no way of highlighting or taking notes, so bought the book as well.

Divine timing, reading this one. I was shouting ‘Yes, YES!’ the whole way through. One of those books you read and you just want to meet the author and hug them.

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Biddy Tarot Planner – Brigit Esselmont

It’s awesome how this journal has kept me on track with my spiritual practices. There’s a little space to journal and set an intention each day, as well as New and Full Moon Tarot Card spreads. The wisdom that has come from those spreads…. OMG. She calls it a ‘planner’, but I don’t really use it to plan – just reflect and journal. I consider a ‘planner’ something I carry around and keep track of appointments and time/date bound things. But I love it either way. Will definitely buy for 2020!

Light is the New Black – by Rebecca Campbell

This book had been popping up on my ‘Goodreads’ suggestions for a month or two, and I was really drawn to the cover and title. I got an email about the annual Hay House digital summit that I listen to every year, and after listening to one of Rebecca’s meditations, I knew I had to read the book.

This book resonated with me for so many reasons. I felt like she was speaking directly to me… like she was my long lost best friend telling me exactly what I needed to hear in this transitional period of my life. One of my favorite parts of the book is when she is telling the reader to ‘light up’, because every time you do it causes a chain reaction and causes others to do the same. I have certainly been feeling that in my life, so it was great to hear validation.

So many good quotes and one-liners… I feel like I highlighted 80% of the book! The writing style is casual and really easy to read, with very short chapters.I zoomed through it in less than a weekend.

Emotional Clearing- by John Ruskan

My counselor recommended this book to me several years ago, and it helped me so much I’ve since sent it to several friends! At the time of reading, I was learning how our emotions become stored in our physical and energetic bodies if they aren’t processed and integrated. I had been doing a lot of ‘inner child work’ and some really intense physical sensations seemed to be stuck in my systems.

This book did a fabulous job of combining principles from the East + West to provide real exercises one can do to process and integrate emotions. It also helped me establish a good A.M. practice for energy clearing.

Sacred Powers: 5 Secrets to Awakening Transformation- by Davidji

I credit Davidji for being the inspiration behind building a consistent meditation practice. I stumbled on his work randomly, through a Grokker (workout subscription) membership, and was immediately drawn to his incredibly peaceful vibration, and strong, grounding voice.

When I read Davidji’s books, I feel like I’m in nature. His way of writing is so calming and reassuring. He reveals profound insight, but written in a way that is easy to understand. I love how this book is structured – he provides practical exercises, mantras, and meditations to reinforce the concepts of the book.

I read this book during a creative burst in my life, and created a series of art on the concepts. (Well, I started to – need to finish the last 2, haha).

Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents – by Lindsay C. Gibson

If you’re struggling to have an authentic relationship with your parents, and keep trying to find ways to ‘reach them’ – PLEASE READ THIS BOOK. It changed my life, has given me an idea of where to start setting boundaries. This is such a work in progress for me and I really struggle with these issues. I realize so many others do, and the most valuable thing I’ve realized is that I’m not a bad person for craving emotional support. What we learn as children affects our relationships throughout our entire lives. This book was such a game changer for me <3 <3 <3

The Center Cannot Hold – by Elyn R. Saks

This book is an incredible first person account of living with Schizophrenia. A person who goes on to have an incredibly successful career in psychology and law, graduating from Oxford and Yale.

Reading her accounts of psychosis was incredible – being so open about the demons inside her head, writing about her situations so matter of factly. It’s clear that this woman is a brilliant mind. While I related to many aspects of her story, I did not relate to her journey through medical and law school 🙂 It helped me realize that mental health issues affect EVERY type of person and personality – we are not all alike! I can’t even imagine having that type of drive and will to accomplish so much.

I wish people that believe ‘mentally ill’ people won’t accomplish anything would read a book like this. Dr. Saks is such an amazing human being, and her story was beyond inspiring.

City on the Verge – by Mark Pendergrast

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Be – Feel – Think – Do by Anne Bérubé, Ph. D.

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An Unquiet Mind – by Kay Redfield Jamison

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The New Feminine Brain – by Mona Lisa Schulz, M.D., Ph.D.

A Path With Heart, by Jack Kornfield
Blossoms and Bones, by Kim Krans
On Being Human, by Jennifer Pastiloff
Inside the Yoga Sutras, by Jaganath Carrera
The Stars Within You, A Guide to Modern Astrology, by Juliana McCarthy