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I don’t really think ‘Online Resources’ is the best title for this page, but can’t think of anything creative at the moment! The people below are essentially the people that have gotten me through the past 8 years. Some of them I’ve met, or had conversations with, and others are just people I’ve been inspired by or have learned about from others πŸ™‚

They have all provided valuable insight into a piece of my life, and I am very grateful for them!

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Inner Hue – Lauren Aletta

Wow, talk about a wealth of resources. Lauren is an amazing “modern day mystic and human consciousness explorer” based out of Australia.

In addition to authoring the gorgeous Seasonal Soul book mentioned on my Bookshelf page, she is also the creator of tarot and oracle decks (One is in the mail as I type this, hooray!!) I participated in an ‘intuitive soul reading session’ earlier in the summer that was incredibly insightful. I’m also enjoying a ‘New Earth’ monthly subscription with Lauren that started last month and includes recordings, journal prompts, and tarot spreads. I think my first experience with her work was her Soul School’ monthly series… I’ve been a huge fan ever since! Her artwork and design style make my libra beauty loving mind SO happy… she uses such beautiful colors, photography styles, and illustrations in her work that really draw me in. Such amazing energy. Grateful to Lauren for so much!

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Modern Mystic

I am so lucky to live in Atlanta, home of the fantastic Modern Mystic store. I first discovered Modern Mystic when they were based out of Paris on Ponce, before moving to Ponce City Market. I have always been connected to stones and healing tools, so once I found this place I was glad to have a local source close by for all my crystal, tarot, and candle needs. Everyone that works there is super helpful and I never feel embarrassed to ask questions or sound like a noob.

Kelley and Brandon, the owners of MM are such a gift to Atlanta and the greater community. They host a weekly podcast, ‘Sunday School, that is sooo informative and interesting. I literally have a bunch of guests from that show on my list to post about here- I’ve learned a ton and been exposed to some fascinating ideas and concepts through the show.

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Chris Taylor – The Occupation Optimist

I met Chris about 5 years ago through LinkedIn of all places. We connected through mutual volunteer interests, and met up at a local coffee shop to chat, as I was looking for some career advice and that was his specialty.

After learning more about his successful career, I was kind of intimidated to meet him – but that changed the second we shook hands. Chris’ genuine smile and kind, compassionate energy radiates for miles and miles, and I instantly felt connected to him, like we had known each other forever.

Since then, we’ve met regularly to talk marketing, career stuff, and just life, and our talks have been nourishment for my soul. I have been so grateful for him listening compassionately and sharing his opinions on some tough stuff! If is some type of award out there for ‘best listener’, please let me know so I can nominate Chris!! πŸ™‚

Chris has dedicated his life to empowering others to find their dream career – and it’s clear he was born to do this work. When you have a conversation with Chris, it is obvious he listens to every word you say with his full attention, and responds with so much care and compassion. He gives amazing professional and personal advice – calling him a Career Coach doesn’t do it justice – he is truly the Occupation Optimist!

Chris was recently selected by LinkedIn to record several videos on networking in the digital age. If you have ANY questions or confusion around your career path, you owe it to yourself to connect with Chris – you will not regret it and may just meet an amazing new friend πŸ™‚

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Cody Calligraphy & Design

Based in Toronto, Cody creates gorgeous designs for weddings and events. I learned of her through a wonderful online ‘Field Trip’ where she taught the basics of Calligraphy, hosted by Creative Mornings (more on them below!). Cody was so organized and had wonderful follow up materials, making the marketing side of me love her so!

I signed up for the class NOT because I was dying to learn calligraphy, but because it was something creative and hands-on. I really didn’t think twice when I signed up, other than it was just something to do that might be fun.

WOW! I was wrong! LOL So I’m totally dorking out now, but it ended up being a really great experience. The process was not at all like other creative things I’m used to (messy painting, clay, charcoal drawing). Calligraphy involved RULES. I HATE RULES! Lol but I learned that Calligraphy is like many other artistic pursuits, you need to learn the craft and the basics before you can start to get weird πŸ™‚ It was very humbling. It forced my brain to slow down, and think about the pressure my hand was creating, going slow, making steady lines, it was HARD, y’all! And frustrating at first. It reminded me a lot of my first times playing with clay. I hated that I sucked at it, was clearly not a natural, but felt pulled to practice and improve and learn more. It felt grounding.

One day after a panic attack, I got out my tracing paper and guides Cody provided during the workshop. I was just looking to fill the time, but became aware of the fact that my brain was calming, and slowing down, and by focusing on my letters and swoops and slants, my body was feeling less intense. What an exciting realization!

So, turns out calligraphy is a fantastic way to manage anxiety. I’ve even found myself laying in bed at night ‘practicing’ in my mind, much like counting sheep! I imagine writing empowering messages and mantras to myself or people I love.

In addition to creating beautiful stationery and event accessories, Cody hosts online workshops that are AMAZING, including a free mini-workshop. I highly recommend checking it out!

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Maryam Hasnaa – Institute of Remembering and Resonance Apothecary

My therapist introduced me to Maryam’s website and her amazing resources. I just completed her ‘Energy is Currency’ course, and one word – wow. I learned so much, and the course was very empowering for me. Maryam has a wealth of resources on her site, and additionally a fabulous etsy shop for all of your energetic needs!

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Clara Bailey – Moon School

Clara Bailey’s Moon School is a course based on cycle awareness – but there is so much more to it than that. The course not only taught me new information on my cycles, but introduced herbalism in a way that was very accessible. She provides so many downloadable resources and meditations, as well as a slack community that I got a lot out of.

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Brett Larkin – Uplifted Yoga

I first heard of Brett through a podcast – Sivana East – that she hosted for some time, and quickly became an avid fan of her Youtube channel. Her down to earth style really resonates with me as far as yoga goes. She makes it very accessible and most of all enjoyable. In addition to her wildly popular Youtube channel, Brett also hosts a monthly membership program, called ‘Uplifted Yoga’, as well as a teacher training, that I am thrilled to be participating in!

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Victoria Maxwell – Mental Health Speaker and Advocate

I really can’t express enough gratitude to Victoria for sharing her mental health experiences in such an honest way. As a keynote speaker and comedian, she shares her stories to groups across the world, as well as hosting workshops and webinars. I would LOVE to do work like this some day.

Victoria’s mental health experience was the first I had read about that I could relate to. There was something about knowing someone else had been in that situation, that made me feel like I wasn’t alone anymore. Reading about the experiences going back to work after her episodes gave me hope that I wasn’t supposed to have just ‘bounced back’ immediately, like my ego and our society wanted me to think I should.

Victoria’s keynotes are available for purchase on her website, I highly recommend! I’d love to meet Victoria IRL and thank her in person for how much she’s inspired me!

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Seed to Star Collective

Leah and the Seed to Star Collective is one of the top three reasons I survived, and even enjoyed some parts of my pregnancy.

I met Leah and her group after I had discovered her weekly meditation sessions through Instagram. I was excited to have discovered a local group that I could connect with, and it was perfect timing when I discovered Seed to Star.

I went to the weekly guided meditation groups when I was pregnant and had stopped doing yoga, and uncovered so much internal and wisdom through the guidance. That was when I realized how powerful collective energy could be. At the time, it was my only thing I did out of the house and was a well needed respite from stress at work and home. I have met so many kind, empathetic, and interesting people at the center and they no doubt were a huge support during that time.

I’ve also had natal readings and reiki with Leah, and she has helped me access so much of my own wisdom. She is one of those humans that just radiates love and kind energy, and I just love being around her. I really appreciate her opening my curiosity more around astrology, cards, and stones.

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Aleithia Luna and Mateo Sol – Loner Wolf

Luna and Sol are “spiritual mentors who blend a mixture of psychological and spiritual insight throughout their writings. They believe in the value of teaching a down-to-earth approach to spirituality.”

I credit Luna and Sol with providing a foundation on which to build my personal spiritual beliefs around. When I discovered their website, it was like it held all of the unanswered questions I’d always pondered. That sounds kind of dramatic, but I have had SO MANY lightbulb moments from their writings that were very profound and definitely have helped to shift my understandings about myself and soul.

In addition to endless free articles, tests, ebooks, and guides; they also provide incredibly illuminating journals around working with your inner child, shadow archetypes, and more. Having guided questions like these has been a valuable addition to free-writing and journaling.

The articles dive deep. You won’t find vapid top level summaries here – most are lengthy and cover a lot of ground. What I love most about their writing is they embrace the darkness wholeheartedly, with psychological insight. There is no spiritual bypassing here – they help readers look our darkness in the eye and learn to heal and integrate. The journals have no doubt been a key part in my uncovering, illuminating, and integrating my shadow aspects.

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Tia Meredith – Writing Coach

I discovered Tia through another Creative Mornings ‘Fieldtrip’. Previously she worked at Hay House…. umm let’s just say I am probably on every marketing list for them! Hay House has helped me discover soooo many amazing authors – so that made her instantly amazing in my book πŸ™‚

I can’t recall the exact title of her class, but it was focused on writing. At the time, I was pretty down because I had SO MUCH to write about, but stuck in a depression with no motivation.

Tia’s workshop was the encouragement, the spark that I needed. During the class, she provided some simple prompts, as well as time to write. After that workshop, I am ecstatic to say that I have written almost every day. I have made it a habit, and seen the ways it helps me, even if all I write is nonsense to others πŸ™‚

I will be forever grateful to Tia for inspiring me to write again. Currently a Book Writing Coach and Online Course Consultant, Tia has an awesome free ‘5-day Guide to Kickstart Your Writing’ on her blog – check it out and get writing!

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Janet Raftis – Master Energy Healer and Intuitive Development

I don’t even really know how to start except for saying that I believe Janet is truly an amazing soul. LOL and also a very real down to earth person, but WOW she has soooo much amazing insight into the spirit realm, I respect her and her work very much.

I had an intuitive reading a few years ago with Janet, and she told me that my career path was about to change drastically, I wouldn’t even recognize it if I saw a few years down the road. My ego didn’t really believe it at the time, I had just settled into what I thought was my DREAM job (it’s funny how the brain will lie to keep us ‘safe’) and then, a few months later…. BAM!

Janet hosts so many wonderful in-person (pre covid) and now virtual Divine Feminine Moon circles and other events around spiritual guidance, astrology, and energy. I attended one of her most recent events, an Initiation Circle on 8-8, The Lion’s Gate Portal (When our Sun and the star Sirius align), and it was incredible – three hours of intense exploration and healing with a group of about 50 other kind souls. It was perfect timing and I had some profound and healing experiences that were much needed and sooo appreciated.

She’s always teaming up with other awesome people to host events and free info sessions, and I’m grateful for the other people she’s exposed me to.

Janet just developed a great tool to find your ‘goddess archetype’. I am the dark goddess πŸ˜‰ Who are you?

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The Alchemists Kitchen

I found out about this wonderful website through a workshop led by Juliana McCarthy. In addition to virtual website, the site offers a lot of great energy related products. Good luck staying on this site for less than an hour, lol. So much to explore!